Smart Metering

ENER21 provides a wide range of smart metering solutions to cater to your needs. The installation of energy meters allows managing your energy consumption and monitoring its distribution per site with a view to becoming more proactive in peak load management or addressing specific accounting needs.


Smart Metering System Details

  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Metering of any kind (electricity, natural gas, vapour, oil, compressed air, water, etc.)
  • Main meter readings (electricity and natural gas)
  • Submeter readings (per sector or equipment)
  • Easy online access to data via a Web browser
  • Interactive energy consumption tables and charts
  • Powerful management, analysis and programming computer tool tailored to your needs
  • System installed permanently or on a temporary basis based on your needs

Widespread Applications for Smart Metering


Main Advantages to Smart Metering

  • Real-time consumption readings
  • Implementation of a consumption database
  • Peak load forecasts
  • Instantaneous detection of operational problems
  • Programmed alarms (peak, unexpected interruptions, etc.)
  • Assistance in accounting for energy costs
  • Isolation of consumption data per sector or equipment
  • System operation optimization

Clients Access

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