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Consulting services

ENER21 specializes in energy efficiency and provides an array of services aimed at energy consumption reduction in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors:

  • Identification of energy efficiency measures
  • Support and follow-up in energy efficiency measure implementation
  • Energy audits
  • Assistance toward LEED certification
  • Support in measuring and calculating savings
  • Supervision of meter installations
  • Energy consumption data analysis
  • Meter programming and calibration
  • Verification of data obtained from measuring equipment
  • Energy management software implementation
  • Energy software configuration of measuring points
  • Smart metering
  • Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Thanks to its team of specialized experts, ENER21 provides tailored services that will allow you to save energy, time and money. ENER21 is best suited to advise and assist you along the energy saving process thereby ensuring thorough energy management of your organization. Save energy by contacting ENER21.

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