About us

ENER21 provides a wide range of solutions to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce operating costs thanks to a pioneering approach to managing and monitoring energy consumption in real time. The services offered by ENER21 span from energy measurement to complete outsourcing of your energy management needs to our specialists.

About us

Located in Québec City, ENER21 offers a tailored and affordable approach to real-time energy consumption management. Our measurement and verification services are integrated into the implementation process of all energy efficiency projects. ENER21 establishes an energy baseline before improvements, monitors progress throughout the project and analyzes the results obtained upon completion of the process.

The Energy Management Information System (EMIS) developed by ENER21 constitutes a proven method for energy consumption reduction through monitoring and targeting. This system provides building managers and companies of all sizes with a short payback period, thereby guaranteeing sustainable savings.

ENER21 is a subsidiary of Econoler, a world-renowned consulting firm specialized in energy efficiency, clean energy, energy performance contracting and carbon financing. Building on the experience of Econoler, ENER21 has developed a series of custom-made techniques to address North American market needs.

An Array of Benefits

Accurate data monitored in real time will allow you to:

Isolate and reduce your energy consumption;

  • Determine usage patterns and manage irregularities;
  • Identify and explain surges or drops in energy use;
  • Allow electricity peak demand management using real-time alerts;
  • Establish performance targets and monitor the savings achieved through energy saving measures;
  • Address equipment maintenance issues ahead of time;
  • Spread utility costs.

Services Tailored to Client Needs

ENER21 is committed to providing high-end customer support as well as flexible, customized and adapted services. For further information, please call (418) 692-2522 (Québec).

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